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(1) Calabuig, Jordi; Monserrat, Jose F; Gozalvez, David; Klemp, Oliver.
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (1556-6072) 2014; 9; 4; 61 - 70.
Universitat Politècnica de València; Tech Univ Carolo Wilhelmina Braunschweig; BMW Grp Res & Dev

(2) Perez de Villar, Pablo; Vassallo Magro, Jose Manuel.
Optimal safety incentives in road concession contracts.
European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (1567-7133) 2014; 14; 4; 394 - 411.
TRANSyT; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Changes in the roles of the government and the private sector in the provision of public services along with budget constraints are resulting in an increasing use of the concession approach for financing and managing roads. In the last few years, many of these contracts set up incentives linked to bonuses to encourage the concessionaire to render a better service to the users. Road safety is one ... + ver más
(3) Riba, Jordi Roger; Garcia, Antoni; Romeral, Luis.
A computer experiment to simulate the dynamic behaviour of electric vehicles driven by switched reluctance motors.
Actas urol. esp (0210-4806) 2014; 51; 4; 368 - 382.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The study of the dynamic behaviour of electric vehicles is being incorporated in the syllabuses of an increasing number of graduate and undergraduate courses. This paper analyses the basic mechanical and electric concepts of electric traction applied to automobiles. For this purpose, in this work the switched reluctance motor is analysed. A model based on MATLAB/Simulink to simulate the behaviour ... + ver más
(4) Robinson, Nicole R; Gin, Julia; Kamath Jha, Shilpa; Infantes, Michel; Hernandez, Ricardo; Alberg Seberich, Michael; Suri, Devika; Perez Escamilla, Rafael.
Driving social impact with common global indicators for healthy lifestyle programs: Lessons learned.
Food and Nutrition Bulletin (EI 1564-8) 2014; 35; 3; S163 - S168.
Mondelez Int; Mondelez Int; Mondelez Int; Mondelez Int; Forum Act Philanthropy; Nevin Scrimshaw Int Nutr Fdn; Yale University

Background: Partnerships between corporate entities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in delivering community focused health and well-being programs are becoming increasingly valuable especially in the context of promoting healthy lifestyles around the globe. The Mondelez International Foundation (MIF) has funded healthy lifestyles community based programs targeting children and ... + ver más
(5) Rey, MD; Font, R; Aracil, I.
PCDD/F emissions from light-duty diesel vehicles operated under highway conditions and a diesel-engine based power generator.
JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS (0304-3894) 2014; 278; 116 - 123.
Universitat d'Alacant

PCDD/F emissions from three light-duty diesel vehicles - two vans and a passenger car - have been measured in on-road conditions. We propose a new methodology for small vehicles: a sample of exhaust gas is collected by means of equipment based on United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) method 23A for stationary stack emissions. The concentrations of O-2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2 ... + ver más
(6) Villarino, Alberto; Riveiro, Belen; Martinez Sanchez, Joaquin; Gonzalez Aguilera, Diego.
Successful Applications of Geotechnologies for the Evaluation of Road Infrastructures.
Remote Sensing (2072-4292) 2014; 6; 8; 7800 - 7818.
Universidad de Salamanca; Universidad de Vigo

This work reports the results obtained over several years of research into the application of different geomatic techniques in the field of civil engineering and, in particular, in their application to the management of road systems and associated structures. Among the main advances obtained are the quantification of parameters during the inventorying and inspection of infrastructures, the metric ... + ver más
(7) dell'Olio, Luigi; Ibeas Portilla, Angel; Bordagaray, Maria; Dios Ortuzar, Juan de.
Modeling the Effects of Pro Bicycle Infrastructure and Policies Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility.
Journal of Urban Planning and Development (0733-9488) 2014; 140; 2; 0 - 0.
Universidad de Cantabria; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

This paper aims to determine the potential of the bicycle as a sustainable mode of transport in a medium-sized Spanish city (Santander, in northern Spain) with strong inclines and relatively inclement weather. For this purpose, a general methodology has been designed that could serve as an example for other areas. First, potential bicycle users in the city are characterized and identified through ... + ver más
(8) Castillo, Enrique; Nogal, Maria; Calvino, Aida.
Two Applications of Statistics to Traffic Models.
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods (0361-0926) 2014; 43; 10-12; 2118 - 2134.
Universidad de Cantabria

Two statistical applications for estimation and prediction of flows in traffic networks are presented. In the first, the number of route users are assumed to be independent -shifted gamma (, (0)) random variables denoted H(, , (0)), with common (0). As a consequence, the link, OD (origin-destination) and node flows are also H(, , (0)) variables. We assume that the main source of information is pl ... + ver más
(9) Kammoun, Habib M; Kallel, Ilhem; Casillas, Jorge; Abraham, Ajith; Alimi, Adel M.
Adapt-Traf: An adaptive multiagent road traffic management system based on hybrid ant-hierarchical fuzzy model.
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (0968-090X) 2014; 42; 147 - 167.
Université de Sfax; Universidad de Granada; MIR Labs; Technical University of Ostrava

Usually, road networks are characterized by their great dynamics including different entities in interactions. This leads to more complex road traffic management. This paper proposes an adaptive multiagent system based on the ant colony behavior and the hierarchical fuzzy model. This system allows adjusting efficiently the road traffic according to the real-time changes in road networks by the in ... + ver más
(10) Paz, Alexander; Nordland, Andrew; Veeramisti, Naveen; Khan, Alauddin; Sanchez Medina, Javier.
Assessment of Economic Impacts of Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee for Passenger Vehicles in Nevada.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD (0361-1981) 2014; 2450; 26 - 35.
University of Nevada; Nevada Dept Transportat; Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This study evaluated the effectiveness and equity of a fee for vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for passenger vehicles in Nevada. In the evaluation of the fee´s effectiveness, the collection capabilities, as well as the fee´s impact on the number of miles users drove, were considered. Equity was evaluated by considering the impact of the VMT fee on various population groups on the basis of socioecono ... + ver más
(11) Lopez, Griselda; Abellan, Joaquin; Montella, Alfonso; Ona Lopez, Juan De.
Patterns of Single-Vehicle Crashes on Two-Lane Rural Highways in Granada Province, Spain: In-Depth Analysis Through Decision Rules.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD (0361-1981) 2014; 2432; 133 - 141.
Universidad de Granada; Università di Napoli Federico II

In Spain, 74% of injury crashes occur on rural two-lane highways. Therefore, one of the strategic priorities detailed in highway safety plans is the specific study of these highways. This study aimed at investigating crash patterns and contributory factors on rural two-lane highways so as to propose specific road safety countermeasures. The analysis method consisted in identifying decision rules ... + ver más
(12) Garcia Pozuelo, D; Diaz Lopez, Vicente; Lopez Boada, Maria Jesus.
Improving Vehicle Safety: A New Methodology for Vehicle Steering System Inspection by Means of Forces Measure.
Advances in Mechanical Engineering (1687-8132) 2014; 0 - 0.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Some mechanical systems, such as steering, brakes, and suspension, critically affect the safety of the vehicle. These systems are subject to wear through use and time, changing their status throughout the lifetime of a vehicle. It is, therefore, essential to develop adequate components and procedures of inspection that ensure the correct operation of these systems. Moreover, the steering inspecti ... + ver más
(13) Delgadillo, Rodrigo; Wahr, Carlos; Garcia, Gabriel; Osorio, Luis; Salfate, Osiel.
Generating Hourly Climatic Data for Pavement Design from Available Weather Information.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD (0361-1981) 2014; 2433; 48 - 57.
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

This study addressed the need for more detailed weather information in the context of pavement design with the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide from weather information available for Chile. An initial database was developed with the available hourly data in the country, and the sensitivity of distress predictions for Chilean weather was studied. Because of the limited availability of h ... + ver más
(14) Felipe Guzman, Andres; Manuel Vassallo, Jose.
Impact of Introducing Longer and Heavier Vehicles on Regional Consumer Price Index and Spanish Road Freight Transport System.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD (0361-1981) 2014; 2410; 39 - 49.
Escuela Colombiana Ingn Julio Garavito; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

This paper applies an integrated modeling approach to the case of Spain; the approach is based on a random utility-based multiregional input-output model and a road transport network model for assessing the effect of introducing longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs) on the regional consumer price index (CPI) and on the transportation system. The approach strongly supports the concept that changes in ... + ver más
(15) Ferrer, Sheila; Ruiz, Tomas.
Factors Influencing the Travel Scheduling of Driving Trips of Habitual Car Users.
TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD (0361-1981) 2014; 2412; 100 - 108.
Universitat Politècnica de València

The paper presents an analysis of scheduling and rescheduling decisions that are associated with driving trips of habitual car users and that employs a new data set for processing of activity travel schedules collected in Valencia, Spain, in 2010. A bivariate probit model with sample selection is used to accommodate the influence of planning on the decision to execute a trip as planned or not. Th ... + ver más
(16) Miralbes, R.
Design of motorcycle rider protection systems using numerical techniques.
Environmental Science and Technology (0013-936X) 2013; 59; 94 - 108.
Universidad de Zaragoza

The goal of this paper is the development of a design methodology, based on the use of finite elements numerical tools and dummies in order to study the damages and injuries that appear during a motorcyclist collision against a motorcyclist protection system (MPS). According to the existing regulation, a Hybrid III dummy FEM model has been used as a starting point and some modifications have been ... + ver más
(17) Albalate del Sol, Daniel; Fernandez, Laura; Yarygina, Anastasiya.
The road against fatalities: Infrastructure spending vs. regulation??.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society (0013-4651) 2013; 59; 227 - 239.
Universitat de Barcelona

The road safety literature is typified by a high degree of compartmentalization between studies that focus on infrastructure and traffic conditions and those devoted to the evaluation of public policies and regulations. As a result, few studies adopt a unified empirical framework in their attempts at evaluating the road safety performance of public interventions, thus limiting our understanding o ... + ver más
(18) Pio, Casimiro; Mirante, Fatima; Oliveira, Cesar; Matos, Manuel; Caseiro, Alexandre; Oliveira, Cristina; Querol, Xavier; Alves, Celia; Martins, Natercia; Cerqueira, Mario; Camoes, Filomena; Silva, Hugo; Plana, Feliciano.
Size-segregated chemical composition of aerosol emissions in an urban road tunnel in Portugal.
ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT (1352-2310) 2013; 71; 15 - 25.
University of Aveiro; University of Minho; Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa; University of Lisboa; Instituto de Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua (CSIC)

An atmospheric aerosol study was performed in 2008 inside an urban road tunnel, in Lisbon, Portugal. Using a high volume impactor, the aerosol was collected into four size fractions (PM0.5, PM0.5-1, PM1-2.5 and PM2.5-10) and analysed for particle mass (PM), organic and elemental carbon (OC and EC), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), soluble inorganic ions and elemental composition. Three mai ... + ver más
(19) Lima Serrano, M; Saez Bueno, A; Caceres Rodriguez, B; Lima Rodriguez, JS.
Design and validation of scales to measure adolescent attitudes toward sexuality, addictive substances and road safety. Are they related to behaviour?.
Anales del Sistema Sanitario De Navarra (1137-6627) 2013; 36; 2; 203 - 215.
Universidad de Sevilla

Background. To validate scales to measure adolescent attitudes toward sexuality (EAS), toward addictive substances (EASA) and toward vial security (EASV), and to examine their correlations with behaviour on these areas. Methods. We designed the scales by literature review; we validated their content using a Delphi-on-line panel with 18 experts, and a pre-test with a sample of 21 fourth-grade high ... + ver más
(20) Riener, A; Zia, K; Ferscha, A; Ruiz Beltran, C; Minguez Rubio, JJ.
Traffic flow harmonization in expressway merging.
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (1617-4909) 2013; 17; 3; 519 - 532.

Steering a vehicle is a task increasingly challenging the driver in terms of mental resources. Reasons for this include the increasing volume of road traffic and a rising quantity of road signs, traffic lights, and other distractions at the roadside (such as billboards), to name a few. The application of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, in particular if taking advantage of Ambient Intelligence ... + ver más
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